Sepia Technique

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The Sepia Technique has been developed by Carrie Ransom after years of research and clinical trials. It is a non-invasive treatment for unblocking the lymph nodes. These nodes act as filters for the lymphatic system which, when blocked, result in an increase of waste products and toxins in the body.

You may feel lethargic or have no energy; you may have difficulty losing weight or feel constantly bloated ; you could suffer from recurring colds or have been diagnosed with lymph oedema.

The lymphatic system does not have its own pump and relies on the movement of the body to assist the flow of lymph around the body. A large number of factors contribute to a sluggish lymphatic system, some of which are sitting for too long, not taking enough exercise, crossing the legs at the knee, not drinking enough water, eating too much processed food which the body may struggle to process.

A course of sepia tecnique treatments will gradually unblock these lymph nodes and enable these toxins to be released from the tissues and be excreted from the body.

Book a session at my Warrington treatment room. Call today for a chat about the technique to see if it could be for you - 07808 160315

Recent clients have reported an immediate feeling of wellbeing after just one session. Another client was able to wear a dress she hadn’t worn for months.

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