Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage works on those areas affected by mental and emotional stress. Today we spend much of our time in our heads thinking about how to do things and this treatment can really help to calm the mind as it is deeply relaxing.

Working on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face, many of the major areas where we hold our stress and tension are treated. Tension building up in the shoulders often leads to tension in the neck which can often be a factor in headaches, migraines etc. Some possible mental benefits of this treatment may be increased levels of concentration and clearer thinking and focus.

This massage can also be performed without oils with the client seated and fully clothed, and is therefore ideally suited to the workplace or situations where it may not be appropriate for the client to remove their clothing.

Treatment time is 30-35 minutes allowing extra on the first visit for the initial consultation.

Workplace sessions can be reduced to 15-20 minutes if necessary with consultation forms being completed in advance of the sessions.

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