Full Body Massage

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A real treat for the mind body and spirit this treatment can be enhanced with the use of aromatherapy using essential oils to suit your mood or your body’s requirements.

  • Swedish massage uses a firm pressure in long strokes. A combination of movements is used to ease and soothe tense muscles. Oxygen flow in the blood is increased and toxins released from the muscles. Swedish massage can be relaxing and invigorating. Essential oils can be used in these sessions if appropriate and desired.
  • Aromatherapy massage uses a gentler pressure and has the added benefit of essential oils to relax the body. Following an initial consultation a blend is created for each client taking account of their requirements for the session. Relaxation may be top of the list or energising or recharging of batteries but whatever it is, the session is tailored to the client and their body.

Treatment time is 75-90 minutes allowing extra on the first visit for the initial consultation.

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