Facelift Massage

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An exquisite treatment for the face and neck area delivering a facelift effect. Working gently on this entire area using gentle smoothing movements, small manipulations of the many muscles, this session will leave you feeling relaxed and looking fabulous!

We hold an enormous amount of tension in our faces and over time, this can lead to wrinkles, lines and a set expression! By working on the muscles and connective tissue we can free up constricted muscles and soften your face again and delay the ageing process! This is a very precise modality and can release deep seated tensions in the face and neck. Even wrinkles from frowning can be decreased.

No products, oils or creams are used in this treatment. Acupressure points are stimulated to begin the release of tension, followed by smoothing out movements and micro-manipulations of the many muscles of the face and neck. Your face will feel rejuvenated and, because we can’t tell energy to stop at the neck, your whole body may benefit. Recent clients have reported an immediate change in the tone of their skin.

  • Mobile, youthful looking face
  • Lessens wrinkles and expression lines
  • Releases stress and tension of the surrounding muscles
  • Relaxed face and vibrant appearance
  • Toned and improved complexion
  • Enhances a feeling of well-being
  • Promotes total relaxation
  • Excellent for tension headaches, eyestrain, stress related symptoms

This treatment is great to have before a special event, perhaps a wedding or a big party. If you feel good you will always look good!

Facelift massage before facelift massage after

The pictures shown here are of my daughter who was 24 at the time. She had just come in from work, was tired but still beautiful! The second picture is after just one session so what are you waiting for?

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