Back, Shoulders & Neck Massage

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Our backs, shoulders and necks take a lot of punishment daily! Most of us spend some of our day in a seated position whether we are working with a pc or laptop, using the telephone or driving. Our bodies were not designed to spend a huge part of the day in this position and, if you asked them, they would tell you they don’t like it.

Overuse of the muscles in the back, shoulders and neck accumulates over time and gives rise to tension and tight, knotted muscles. If left untreated, unrelieved, this tightness can travel up through the muscles in the back, through the shoulders to the neck and can cause headaches as well as pain in the neck and shoulders.

Regular massage of these areas to help relieve this tightness is vital for our upper body wellbeing. You don’t want to end up where I did a couple of years ago when I was unable to turn my neck without pain which is not good when driving!

Have a preventative massage – don’t leave it until you can’t stand it any more!

Treatment time is 30-35 minutes allowing extra on the first visit for the initial consultation.

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