Matrix Birth Reimprinting

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Matrix Birth Reimprinting can help clients with issues around their birth or who may have preconscious memories. Many people actually do have memories around their birth issues and can often be the case that if you experienced a difficult or traumatic birth you may have a difficult time at the birth of your own children.

matrix birth reimprintingIt is more widely accepted now that babies in the womb are aware of what is going on around them and these early weeks and months are a crucial part of their development and learning.

If the mother is stressed and fearful during her pregnancy the chance of the newborn being stressed and fearful is increased and these patterns follow us into childhood and adulthood.

For example, separation of the child from the mother at birth can lead to depression, anxiety, addictions (substance, food or alcohol), a feeling of not being safe in the world, of not being wanted, unable to make any connections to another. They can experience trouble forming relationships and are unable to open to trust that it is safe to love or be loved.

I offer an initial free 20 minute consultation by phone to see if Matrix Birth Reimprinting using EFT is for you.

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