Financial Healing

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Financial Healing using Matrix Reimprinting and EFT is a new and highly effective way of changing how finances and money worries affect us. Our beliefs and ideas about money dictate our financial wellbeing. If we believe that we have to work hard for money or it’s okay for others to have it and not us, guess what? We will have to work hard for it and never seem to have enough.

  • Would you like to change your experience with money?
  • Would you like to be able to deal with your debt?
  • Would you like to get out of debt?
  • What are the emotions and feelings around your debt and money worries?
  • Shame? Responsibility? Failure?

My personal experience is that these were some of my biggest feelings about debt. I struggled with mine for more than 8 years, sometimes dealing with it and at other times trying to ignore it and hoping it would go away.

It didn’t!

If you are struggling I do know how you feel and now have the tools to help others.

Give me a call for a free chat to see if Financial Healing could help you today.

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