Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

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EFT Tapping PointsEFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is often described as acupuncture without needles. Using gentle tapping on the energy meridian points on the body, it is possible to release stress and tension from the body quickly and easily.

Negative emotions cause a disruption in the energy flow of our bodies and tapping on these points can act as a “reset” for us and allow the energy to flow again.

This amazing therapy can be used for just about anything. Pain can be managed, fears and phobias can be lessened or even removed in minutes. Stress and tension which can be a major cause of diseases can be reduced allowing us to be well again.

I work with clients for pain management, weight loss, unresolved grief, fear, depression and anxiety. This work can be done very gently without re-traumatising the client.

Sessions can be face to face in my treatment room in Warrington, Cheshire, or via phone or Skype.

I offer an initial free 20 minute consultation by phone to see if EFT is for you.

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